This article describes how to use ABC S5 Proxy to set up a residential proxies IP in vmlogin.

1. Download and install VMLogin Antidetect Browser.

2. Click the "New Browser profile" > find "setting proxy server"

3. In the "Proxy Settings" page,

Open "Enable Proxy Server" , proxy type select "socks5 proxy",

Copy ABCproxy residential IP and fill in the corresponding “IP + port” information.

Click "Test Proxy".

Save it.

Extract IP - Login to ABC S5 Proxy software.
1. Enter the country/state/city where you want to get the IP address
 and click "Search".
2. Right-click on the IP address you want to use, select "Forward Port to Proxy", 
and then select a free port.
3. Click "Port Forwarding List" and copy the desired proxy information 
(IP address and port).
4. In you can check whether the selected IP proxy is online, 
perform favorite operations, etc. in the "Today List".

4. After saving, Proxies are successful and click "Launch browser"

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