Proxy Switchy Omega

This article will introduce the use of "BP Proxy Switcher" to configure ABCProxy to use anonymous proxies in Google/Firefox browsers.

Open Google Chrome/Firefox Browser

Take Google Chrome as an example:

1. Install the proxy extension: SwitchyOmega on the browser.

Choose one of the following methods.

A . Install from Google App Store

B . Click to download the CRX package

2. Change the crx file extension to .zip or .rar and extract it to a folder.

3.Open Google Player Toolbar - More Tools - Extensions

4.Open Google Play Store: Search - SwitchyOmega - Add to Chrome Browser

5.Add proxy setting information to the browser.

A. By default, there are two examples, one for proxy server and the other for auto switching module, you can modify them directly.

B. You can also create a new profile by clicking New Profile, enter a name and click Create.

C. In the newly created profile, select SOCKS5, enter the local IP and port, and then click Apply Changes.

D. Open SwitchyOmega by clicking on the extension icon in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser.

When in use, select the "abc" configuration;

When not in use, you need to select "System Connection" to cancel the ABCProxy proxy.

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