This article describes how to configure an ABCProxy residential proxies using the Gologin browser.

1. opening the gologin browser, click the name of the new configuration file window

2. Name it arbitrarily, for example, fill in ABC, and then click your proxy

3.Select Socks as the proxy type and fill in the ip port information just copied from ABCproxy in the corresponding position

Extract IP - Login to ABC S5 Proxy software.
1. Enter the country/state/city where you want to get the IP address
 and click "Search".
2. Right-click on the IP address you want to use, select "Forward Port to Proxy", 
and then select a free port.
3. Click "Port Forwarding List" and copy the desired proxy information 
(IP address and port).
4. In you can check whether the selected IP proxy is online, 
perform favorite operations, etc. in the "Today List".

4. Then click Check Proxy

5. After setting the IP address, please click to create a configuration file, and then click "Run" to open a new window,

so that your proxy configuration is complete and can be used normally!

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