Refund Policy

ABC S5 Proxy makes every effort to provide consistent and continuous service to our customers. (ABC S5 Proxy) and (you, the customer).

Please read this document (as described in the Service User Guide) as it will govern sensitive issues that may arise during the dispute resolution and refund process.

Dispute Resolution

Any disputes arising from Customer's access to the Services and/or use of the System shall be resolved in accordance with the following dispute resolution program

Dispute Resolution Program:

Any disputes arising from the use of the System shall be considered by ABC S5 Agent's Customer Support


Any inquiries regarding refunds, cancellations, etc. should be directed to Customer Support.

Customer Support.

For security reasons, we record conversations between Customer Support and our customers. We do not refund any paid services that are not part of the product's functionality. Please note that all payments are final. If you think the agent or software is not working properly, we will help.

Non-refundable activities:

Incomplete or inconsistent data provided by the customer during the registration process. Customer's account has been frozen or suspended due to illegal activity by the customer. Violation of Customer's obligations with respect to acceptable use of the System or Services (as defined in the Terms of Use).

Customer has begun to transmit and/or receive information.

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