Dashboard to Get IP to Use

Official website: abcproxy.com

(You can use API/accounting password, two ways to get the proxy IP and use it)

  1. Log in and open the Personal Center of ABC S5 Proxy website.

  2. You can check the account balance, usage time, assets and other account details.

  1. IP Whitelist Configuration + Create Recognized Account Passwords

  • Add the IP addresses that need to use the proxy to the whitelist list for easy use

  • Create sub-account name + password, and set the limit of using G for IP.

  1. API extraction to get proxy

  • Set the number of IP addresses to be extracted by API

  • Select the corresponding country/region Set http/https/socks5 protocol

  • select format/separator, then you can generate link and copy for use.

  1. Password authentication to get proxy

  • Select country/region, proxy server address, IP mode;

  • Select an existing sub-account or create a new sub-account;

  • Select the format of the generated proxy to be included:




  • Optionally, you can set the number of IPs to generate a link to extract the use of the proxy.

  1. Traffic Usage Record

Real-time IP traffic display, proxy data usage at a glance.

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