Proxy Manager to Get IP to Use

(Tips: Please use non-continental ABC S5 Proxy software)

  1. Download ABC S5 Proxy software and login;

  2. Select "IP" to display the remaining traffic IP balance of your account;

  3. Make general settings in "Settings".

  • Set the port number range and number of ports.

  • Set country display limit in IP list

  • Set IP freeze time, the extracted IPs will not be displayed for a certain period of time.

  1. Select Country/Region

ABC S5 Proxy Rotating Residential Proxy IP covers 190+ countries to choose from.

You can search by - Country/State/City/ISP/Zip/Postal Code/IP Number - Quick Locate!

  1. Get IP

Select the IP you want to use by right clicking on it and selecting the port.

Port Forwarding List Select Copy to successfully extract the IP+Port format and use the SOCKS5 proxy.

  1. IP Extraction

History Today's List--Check the IP extraction history, and you can add IPs to your favorite list for next time use.

  1. Invalid IP Retur

In today's list, if the IP is invalid within 30 minutes after extraction, you can apply for IP return with one click.

  1. Get Proxy IP via API

Get proxy IP information through API and use it, and related settings.

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