Getting started guide

While you can manually enter specific proxy parameters, we highly recommend using our Endpoint generator. To access it, first, log in to the dashboard , select Get Proxy, we provide “API” or “User & Pass Auth” way, and click on Endpoint Generator. Then, select the following settings:

  1. Region: Hong Kong or Beijing if you're connecting from China or Global for the rest of the world.

  2. Authentication method: User authentification or Whitelisted IPs.

  3. Endpoint type: Backconnect Entry or Country.

  4. Location settings: If you choose a Backconnect Entry, you can specify country, state, or city. But if you select a Country, you can choose only a country.

  5. Session type: Sticky or Rotating.

  6. Output format: port or HTTP. Once you retrieve a list of endpoints, you can use them in your script.

Proxy usage

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